Zombie wells are polluting the environment long after they
have stopped producing 

Millions of oil and gas wells across America are not properly plugged with cement to stop pollutants from escaping into the environment once they’re no longer productive. These undead monsters are truly a nightmare for local communities and the enviroment. 

The legal responsibility for plugging a well typically falls on the oil and gas company that owns it. But fossil fuel companies will dodge cleanup costs by transferring the ownership of the wells to smaller, often private companies that dissolve or go bankrupt, sticking us taxpayers with the multi-billion-dollar bill. 

These wells pose a significant threat to our health and our environment. Zombie wells emit a highly potent greenhouse gas, methane, and they seep out toxic chemicals that contaminate our air, soil and groundwater.  

There is an urgent need to fight back against zombie wells as hundreds of thousands of currently active wells run dry in the near future.  

It’s time to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for unleashing this zombie wells invasion instead of cleaning up their toxic mess.  

We’re fighting back against zombie wells that fuel climate chaos and rob taxpayers blind. Join us today in our long, hard-fought battle for justice.  

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